Oh Snap! 3 Fast Fixes for When Your Underwire Breaks

Not too long ago, I used to be touring to London from California.  As I used to be getting off of the airplane, I reached as much as get my (very a lot overpacked) keep on bag.  As soon as I’d grabbed my bag and was decreasing it down, I felt a well-recognized “Pop!” on my ribcage.  You recognize that sound… the sound when your underwire breaks?

Just a few alternative phrases (that we don’t publish, right here at TCF) got here to thoughts.  My underwire had snapped. I nonetheless had a six-hour flight forward of me. I used to be not wanting ahead to sitting in a cramped seat with a wire stabbing me each time I moved.  

Cue my feelings:

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Fortunately, I’m a resourceful woman with entry to the web.  I googled (and tried) a couple of MacGyver-like options, and…

Listed below are a Few briefly fixes for when your underwire breaks:

  1. Ask for a Band-Help.  You might not have tape readily available when your underwire snaps.  However, I’m betting you (or somebody you possibly can ask) does have a couple of Band-Aids.  The concept is to wrap the Band-Help round your underwire (utilizing it like tape) to maintain it from scratching you.  Arguably, you possibly can tape the underwire down, however I discovered that it often springs again out.
  2. Use a pad.  Okay, I do know this sounds bizarre.  However, most public restrooms (and the lady sitting subsequent to you) can have a pad.  Rip it right into a smaller part (you don’t want the entire thing!) and wrap it round your underwire, taping it down.
  3. Flip your bra inside out. Every time my underwire has snapped, it’s at all times poked in, in direction of me.  You possibly can flip issues round (actually) by turning your bra inside out and making the underwire poke away from you.  Then, utilizing no matter you’ve got readily available, tape down the uncovered wire.  This solely works in some conditions (and also you run the chance of the underwire poking via your prime) however it’s a momentary repair and it could actually work!
Underwire bra poking
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Not solely is that this extraordinarily irritating when this occurs. for some, it’s downright maddening. Bras will be costly, laborious as hell to seek out, so when your underwire breaks, it’s a severe factor.

However have you ever ever requested your self why it has broke? These questions run via our thoughts after this occurs:

The Workhorse Weary Bra
Picture through The Workhorse
  • How outdated is the bra? 
  • How nicely have you ever been caring for your favourite bra?
  • How superb was the standard of the bra? 

Issues like your breast form, carrying the best measurement, and the high quality of the bra all play into the life and put on of your cherished boulder holders. 


Now that we’re right here… what do YOU do when your underwire breaks?

Do you’ve got any life hacks for fixing an underwire that’s snapped?  Share them beneath!

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